Sharing your ideas

We think with a lot of gaps in between and that sometimes makes us think we understand something by just thinking about it until we try to explain it to others or write them down.

I decided to use the space to write about different things I think about to fill in the so-called thinking gaps to have better understanding and I also decided to make it public because you never know who might benefit out there from reading my stuff.

I think we are all super beings (Gods in our own right) because we have the ability to think and imagine/create in the mind which is really powerful. Every single idea in the world originated from someone’s mind. So it makes sense to make sense of your thoughts and not just let it go.

I will be writing on different areas from just opinions to software engineering concepts and everything in between.

The World – Carpenter Shop Analogy:

  • The World is like the Carpenter workshop
  • The creations and thoughts from the minds of people in the world are the tools and resources in the workshop. It is important to note that no single mind has all the tools and resources.
  • The people are the carpenters in this single workshop (world) and every carpenter can build what they want in the shop.
  • The more people share their thoughts and ideas, the better it is for everyone to create more value in the world.

We have been able to do so much in the world at this moment because of the creations from the minds of people in the past and they have built a lot of amazing sophisticated tools in the shop to help us build even more sophisticated tools for the next generation.

We can begin to get more active in the shop by being curious always, ask people questions and get to know their perspective on things and share yours too, read books (plenty of them if possible and write too if possible), watch movies, documentaries etc. and always try to contribute to in your own way.

Let us share and generate more value in the world!

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